Call 2 Adventure Mentorship Program

About the Program

B430 Adventures is an outdoor mentorship program aimed at transforming the lives of the youth through leadership based outdoor adventures and adrenaline-pumping recreation activities. The aim is to enable youth and young adults to grow and reach their full potential and be able to create for themselves a life of authenticity through engaging in our mind blowing adventure bucket list, crazy fun, networking etc.
We lead our clients through a series of nature and green exercises combined with one-on-one mentorship, group experiences and adventures. We utilize outdoor skills as the main learning tool for growth of real skill-sets and for personal transformation. We enhance contentment and extraordinary living through provision of opportunities for continuous experiences of wonder, excitement and happiness.
Our mentorship experiences translate to improved self-esteem, self-efficacy, positive relationships, confidence, clarity and sustainable wellness.

Target Groups

This program is for individuals with an open heart, right attitude and passion for life who are willing to learn and engage and are ready to step into the unknown and to make outdoors a lifestyle choice. Target groups include teenagers in high-school life, youth in tertiary institutions, young professionals and individuals interested in mentorship or serving as mentors.

Key Areas

Life skills
a. Personal finance
b. Stress management and resilience skills
c. Dating and
d. Marriage and family
e. Professional Etiquette
f. Outdoor Cooking
g. Time management
h. Outdoor survival skills
i. Career growth and development
j. Teamwork and Leadership skills
k. First aid skills
l. Outdoor Risk Management
m. Goal setting and tracking
B430 Adventure Sports bucket list
Objectives of the program
Mentoring tools

Join the journey of self revolution and self discovery, all you need is a sense of adventure, we'll supply the rest.


Learning by doing fun things!

The B430 program is a peer mentorship training that is inspired by fun outdoor experiences. It is an adventure-based learning platform for young people and young adults. It is designed to provide key life skills through combination of fun, new experiences and inspirational coaching sessions.

Our approach is based on doing things together, learning from group challenges, conquering fears and connecting with the natural world. We learn about ourselves - who we truly are, our bliss and our purpose while engaging in actions that make us happy, relaxed and smarter.

We believe by doing things that give excitement, contentment and happiness on a regular basis, we build a sure foundation of extraordinary and sustainable living.

Program Outline:

1. Enroll:-
By enrolling into this outdoor journey with us, you sign a regular departure agreement with yourself and accept to break from daily routine (atleast two Saturdays per month) to answer a call to adventure, engage, learn and share.
2. Feel the Moment:-
3. Get the Reward:-


1. Sense of adventure
2. Love for outdoors
3. Love for environment
4. Love for community – Giving back
5. Responsible and commitment
6. Positive energy
7. Love for Life

If you would like more details regarding B4-30 adventures, please contact:

Cyrus Ogaro
Program Director
Phone: +254725842857
Email: |

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