Mölkky Kenya

Mölkky Kenya

About Mölkky
Mölkky is a Finnish throwing game invented by Lahden Paikka in 1996. It is reminiscent of kyykkä, a centuries-old throwing game with Karelian roots. However, Mölkky does not require as much physical strength as kyykkä, and is more suitable for everyone regardless of age and condition. Mölkky requires no special equipment and success is based on a combination of chance and skill.
Mölkky challenges the mind and body by combining sharp strategic thought with intense physical perseverance. We think of Mölkky as one of an elite group of sports.
Mölkky set and arrangement

Mollky  1f

Mölkky rules
Beginning the game:
 First player throws at the grouping and tries to knock over pins. Mölkky is always thrown underhand. Fallen pin:
 A pin is not considered fallen if it is leaning on another pin or on the Mölkky throwing skittle. After a throw, fallen pins are put upright at the place where they fell.
If one pin falls, the score = the number on the pin. When more than one fall, the score = the number of fallen pins.
Ending the game:
 If a player misses (has no score) three times in a row, he/she is out of game and acts as the scorekeeper. The game ends when the first player reaches exactly 50 points. If one scores over 50, that players score is lowered to 25.

About Molkky Kenya Association
Molkky Kenya aims to promote and create awareness of Molkky both as a sport and fun game for corporate team building, Family bonding game and overall entertainment. We will be responsible for organizing local competitions, Tournaments and friendly matches both in Nairobi and all over the country; we will also assist members to form and register clubs as well as distribute Molkky sets at cost to the registered members.
To make Molkky one of the most popular household game in Kenya
- To share skills and means when it is possible
- To inform players about rules, events and practice of Mölkky,
- To help towards constitution of Molkky clubs in Kenya
- To organize or help organizations of events around the practice of Mölkky being constituted,
- To choose who and where would be organize championships, tournaments and events.
- To put in touch Kenya, with foreign associations, and in particular with the International Mölkky Federation.

Contact information:
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