Hiking the famous green hills of Africa

The terrain got both unbearable and rewarding, and every step we made increased the anxiety on what awaits on the summit, as the saying goes, “The best view comes after the hardest climb”

What we found at the summit was beyond our expectation, and i am not even able to put together words to explain (If you are a Hiker you will know this feeling) the 3D spectacular view of the green beautiful rolling hills was breathtaking.

I felt like I should build a cottage just to enjoy the view, breeze and calmness that surrounds the serene environment, we tried preserving the moment with a couple of photos, but no photo could do it justice. when we left, only our footprints were left behind this was the best moment in my life and I wished I could just live in the moment.

Our way back was equally rewarding using a different route, the challenge came in for those whose shoes were not fit for the terrain, but all in all we had to support each other, to the extent of carrying one of the hikers whose shoes were not kind the toes given the terrain.

After one hour of sloping we were able to reunite with the other team and all we could do is to try our best and narrate how the summit was, this reminds me the story in the Bible about the Spies sent to the promised land narrating their story, they had different narratives but this time our narrative was one, all we could say was that you will have to be there by yourself and have a personal experience at the summit.


This was a day well spent in the wild and echoed our slogan as Hikers Afrique.

“Adventure is out there”

Author: Joshua Kibet

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