The thought of hiking takes me back to the days when I was a boy scout.  At that time, it meant going to the wild and practicing the survival skills learnt during our regular scout meetings.

As I grew older, priorities changed, I had to actively study or look for money. The food could not buy itself.  The best was reminiscing what hiking used to be in conversations with friends. I would look in admiration at those who dared to get out of their comfort zones to actually go out. I would look at the pictures, and the urge to join them grew stronger and stronger. I promised myself to join them next time. But again and again the work refused to do itself, and my boss would not take my absence kindly . Life had become an inescapable hive of work related activity.

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An opportunity to join Hikers Afrique for one of their hikes presented itself when the boss was away. The feeling was as thrilling as it was glorious. I have never looked back! I have come to consider it as one of my most important health decisions, as should everyone. It is one thing to read the benefits of doing something, and another to actually experience them.

For your sake, I will breakdown my experience in relation to what I had been reading for a long time.

Hiking the famous green hills of Africa 

Chyulu Hills Hike 

Recently we organized an hike to the enigmatic hills, the so-called the beautiful green hills of Africa (Chyulu Hills) The hills are part of Chyulu national park which is located in a blissfully remote area between Tsavo West and Amboseli in Makueni county.


Let me enlighten you on facts about Chyulu hills:

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