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Who We Are

Hikers Afrique is an outdoor adventure group in Kenya that guides and facilitate individuals and teams to spend time outside and enjoy great wilderness experiences, backcountry road trips, hiking and rock climbing, camping, nature walks, game drives, team building fun games and much more. It’s a Platform for fun and nature lovers to meet up, explore, and conquer themselves by engaging in fun and fulfilling green exercises, social activities and togetherness

The group operates on the belief that associating with nature is a means to self-discovery hence boosting ones self-esteem, relieves stress, helps in overcoming life obstacles and makes us healthier and happier. We encourage everybody to make a habit of going outdoor frequently to break from the daily routine and have a good time.

We all need adventure in our life. Hikers Afrique presents an opportunity and platform for fun lovers to meet up, socialize and conquer themselves by engaging in amazingly fun and fulfilling outdoor activities. We bring you outdoor experience package that is perfect for your fitness and endurance, designed for fun, learning and exploration.

Vision & Mission

To be a pathway to the best wilderness destinations in Africa

To offer our clients opportunity to experience, enjoy and traverse spectacular African landscapes and gain greater insights of its history and diversity.
What We Offer
If you are searching for new experiences and adventure, we are your friend and will lead the trails for you. What would you like to do? Call us to plan your dream adventure in a way that you will fully enjoy. We have great offers:
Hiking and nature excursion trips for organized groups and corporate teams
Private arrangements for nature events for friends or family celebrations
Children activities and outdoor fun games and learning competitions
Team building, bonding and exercise in natural & relaxed setting
Group tours of cultural sites and community heritage centers
Our objectives
What to expect.
Target group

Our Core values

  • Integrity: We maintain the highest level of professionalism, transparency and exhibit honesty and ethics in all our interaction.
  • Passion and commitment: We are committed and passionate about uniting nature and people through amazing outdoor experiences.
  • Diversity and inclusion: We strive to attract, retain and work with outdoor lovers from different backgrounds.
  • Responsible: We are committed to protecting nature and keeping the environment clean all the time. Ensuring the forest and trails we visit are not littered and the only thing we leave back are footprints.


Hiking and wellness Program
Nature exploration Expeditions
Nature Conservation and Recreation
Camping and bonfire facilitation
Outdoor equipment retailer
Vacation planning
Mountain climbing
Rock climbing
Team building and fun games

Meet Our Staffs
Best Skilled Hikers

We have highly passionate and dedicated team with experience in wilderness hiking, recreation management and group leadership to make sure your adventure and tour experience is simply unique and fun.

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